Flet Banget Blogger Template Free

Flet Banget Blogger Template Free


Template Flet Banget
Author Malestea.com
Version v.1.3.0
Price !free


Flet Really is a theme that I designed clean and has super speed, especially for you speed lovers. In this theme I started to back away from using jQuery and switched to pure Javascript because it's easier to use it while learning too.


  • Easier menu navigation changes
  • Change adblocker
  • Perubahan style comment
  • Addition of shortcode function
  • Added multi comment, facebook, disqus, blogger
  • Added pagination load more function, can be on or off
  • Addition of reading also in the middle of the post
  • Perubahan style share button
  • Newsletter improvements with Mailchimp . functionality
  • Added cookie notification
  • Icon Change
  • More...
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